Unit/Task Title:Lobster Business Charts Grade Level:5-8 Course(s):Social Studies or Language Arts Author:Sara Ellis
Content Area(s) addressed in this unit/task:
Career Preparation
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Content Standards and Performance Indications.
These standards refer to the Maine Learning Results:

CP: A3, B2, B3
ELA: D2, E2, F1, G7, G8, G9, H1, H2
Guiding Principles taught and assessed in this unit:
Versatile Thinker
Effective Communicator
Self-Directed Learner
Assessment criteria (how will you know when they know):
Product: written report
Lesson Description:
Use the internet to seek out at least four Maine based businesses involved in different aspects of the lobster fishery (e.g., lobsterman, lobster dealer, processing plant, restaurant). Engage someone from each business to answer 10 questions by e-mail about what the lobster fishery means to them and their business. Include questions about economic importance of lobsters (e.g., number or pounds of lobsters they deal with per year, average price to buy and sell, percentage of income dependent on lobsters and what would happen if lobster became scarce).

Write class book showing:
1) progression of a lobster through different levels of business as it goes
from lobster boat to restaurant dinner plate
2) major findings about each business interviewed
3) common thread between the business and their dependency on lobsters
Other ideas:
Add a learning log/journal where they can track their emails and responses and thought.
Graph seasonal ups and downs in each business.
Map pathway lobsters take.
Field trip to lobster seller, fish market, etc.
Chart interactions between the businesses

Other evidence to be collected that will insure understanding:
Feedback given to students:
Personalized written comments
What are the essential questions?
Opportunities for integrated technology - web resources:
Web research and email
What will insure understanding?
Time neeeded to complete unit:
3-4 weeks
Resources needed:
Internet access and email account
Check Maine Lobsterman's Association for more info
Downloadable materials:
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