Unit/Task Title:Lobster Models Grade Level:k-8 Course(s):Science Author: Linda Archambault
Content Area(s) addressed in this unit/task:
Science and Technology
Content Standards and Performance Indications.
These standards refer to the Maine Learning Results:

3-4 S+T: L4
5-8 S+T: L4
Guiding Principles taught and assessed in this unit:
Self-Directed Learner
Knowledgeable Person
Assessment criteria (how will you know when they know):
Students will create a model with a complete, correctly placed, set of appendages.
Students will identify the name and function of appendages.
Lesson Description:
This activity can be used in conjunction with a presentation about lobster anatomy and the lobster life cycle.

Give students the pattern for the lobster body and ask them to trace it onto oak tag or card stock paper. Instruct them as to folding the lobster body to make it 3D. Ask students to use what they've learned about lobster anatomy to draw, cut out and attach the lobster's appendages: crusher claw, pincher claw, antennae, antennules, walking legs, etc. With younger children you can give them the version of the pattern that has the appendages pre-drawn or even cut them out ahead of time and then have children attach them in the appropriate places. Children can decorate the finished product to look as much like a lobster as possible. Display in classroom.

Other evidence to be collected that will insure understanding:
Observation and Dialogue
Feedback given to students:
Personalized oral comments
What are the essential questions?
Opportunities for integrated technology - web resources:
www.lobsters.org - for more information about anatomy
What will insure understanding?
Time neeeded to complete unit:
1-1 1/2 hours
Resources needed:
Lobster model patterns
Tape and glue
Card stock or poster board or oak tag
Pencils, crayons and markers
Real lobsters to work from
Downloadable materials:
These files are images so you should right click on the link then download the image to your computer. Mac users can use a CTRL click to get the same menu. A second option is to click on the link then print the resulting page.
Model1 (136K)
Model2 (88K)
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