Unit/Task Title:Designing a Better PFD Grade Level:upper elem - HS Course(s):Technology Author:Jesse Minor
Content Area(s) addressed in this unit/task:
English Language Arts Visual and Performing Arts
Content Standards and Performance Indications.
These standards refer to the Maine Learning Results:

ELA: E1, E2, E3, F2, G6, G10 VPA: A3, A4
Guiding Principles taught and assessed in this unit:
Clear and Effective Communicator Creative and Practical Problem Solver
Assessment criteria (how will you know when they know):
will have designed a realistic PFD and know why it would work. Students will have pictures to describe a course of action.
Lesson Description:
The object is two fold: to first think about and design a PFD that is not bulky and that can be worn by fishermen without impeding motion or comfort. It must keep the wearer floating face up in the water.

The second objective is to design a series of placards that demonstrate pictorially how to don your PFD, survival suit and how to operate your EPIRB. They should be simple and direct so that one can tell without too much analysis what is involved. The first step of this second task is to write a step by step description of the actions to be performed, then to visually depict them.
Other evidence to be collected that will insure understanding:
Performance - the materials that the students develop
Product - Journal/Learning Log and visual representation
Feedback given to students:
Personalized written comments
Personalized oral comments
What are the essential questions?
Opportunities for integrated technology - web resources:
What will insure understanding?
Time neeeded to complete unit:
2 segments of 2 hours each
Resources needed:
An ERIRB, several types of PFD and a survival suit
Art materials - colored pencils, paper
Downloadable materials:
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