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Kohl Kanwit running a lobster past the field detector. If the lobster has been previously marked using an individually coded microwire tag the detector emits a high pitched "beep". Photo by Diane Cowan.

The Lobster Conservancy's mission is to strive to sustain a thriving lobster fishery through science and community. Our newsletter keeps TLC members and volunteers informed of our research, education and outreach activities.


 Sep: News for Fall 2010
 Mar: News for Spring 2010


 Dec: News for Winter 2009
 Sep: News for Fall 2009
 Jul: News for Summer 2009
 Mar: News for March 2009


 Dec: News for December 2008
 Sep: News for September 2008
 Jun: News for June 2008
 Mar: News for March 2008


 Dec: News for December 2007
 Jun: News for June 2007
 Mar: News for March 2007


 Dec: News for December 2006
 Jun: News for June 2006


 Dec: News for December 2005
 May: A farewell to Sara, Sonar Tracking Project news, and more.


 Sep: New board members. New grants. Lots more.
 Jun: Kari is coming back east. The latest on sampling, sonar tracking, and more.
 Feb: Juvenile abundance data. Lots of press.


 Oct: Board changes. Lobstering trends this year. Much more.
 Jun: Preliminary 2002 results. Lobster Literacy Retreat. More Lobster Larvae in the Classroom.
 Mar: News for the start of 2003.


 Nov: 'Lobsters that go ping' or 'The latest in lobster fashion wear'. Also Little Morse Island news.
 Aug: News for the end of the 2002 season.
 Apr: News for the start of 2002.


 Dec: New grants, season wrap-up.
 Sep: Exotic lobster collection (and we do mean exotic). Morse Island property gets a boost.
 Aug: Wish list a hit. Now's the time to check the basement or garage and donate to TLC.
 Jun: New interns, internet via satallite, TLC's wish list.
 May: Strategic planning, radio interview, and more.
 Apr: News for the first few months of 2001.


 Dec: Wrap up for 2000.
 Oct: Funding for new sites, more press.
 Sep: New board member, map of active sites, International Lobster Conference.
 Aug: Volunteer Appreciation Day. Service-learning project with Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.
 Jul: Postlarval settlement in Massachusetts, new volunteers in NH and ME, and more.
 Jun: More NH volunteers, lobster condos at the lab.
 May: More volunteers in Massachusetts, Testing 'pit tags', and more.
 Apr: The 2000 season starts, New sites in ME, NH, and MA, and News from the Pound.
 Mar: First winter at the Lab, Results of last year's census, Mapping the pound, and more.


 Nov: Progress at theLab, volunteer monitoring wraps up, holiday gift ideas.
 Aug: The Lab continues to develop, results of volunteers' efforts.
 Jul: Lobsters found in eel grass, new NH volunteers, TLC at Friendship Day, and lots more.
 Jun: Life on Friendship Long Island, volunteer research, and other news.
 May: 1999 Monitoring program, TLC's move to Friendship, Maine Lobster Festival.
 Feb: TLC acquires lobster pounds, greetings from the new Executive Director, upcoming events.


 Oct: Report on the volunteer efforts in Penobscot Bay and Harpswell, upcoming changes in The Lobster Conservancy, and talks in Maine.
 Sep: Report on the volunteer efforts in Penobscot Bay and talks in other states.
 Aug: Report on the volunteer picnic and other news.
 Jul: Information on our Penobscot Bay Project.
 Jun: Report on our research efforts and other activities.
 May: A brief description of events including training new volunteers for the 1998 season.

Dave Johnson's lobster boat piled high with traps coming in for the winter. Photo by Diane Cowan.


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