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Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis was born in Ottawa, Canada, a long way from any ocean. She and her family spent summers in Maine, where the sea got into her blood and never let go. From a very young age, her dream was to become a marine biologist. She got her first hands-on experience after high school, while volunteering at the Bermuda Biological Station for an environmental study on calico clams. Sara soon enrolled in the marine biology program at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. She was awarded the 1984 Dalhousie Medal in Biology for her honors research on the metabolic costs of feeding in octopus. Sara earned her Masters degree at Boston University Marine Program in Woods Hole, MA in the Lab of Jelle Atema. It was there that she first collaborated with Diane Cowan, studying potential sex pheromones of lobsters. Sara then spent several years writing and editing for Oceanus, a marine science and policy magazine published by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. There she met James Hain, whom she later joined to test airships (blimps) as a new research platform for studying whales. After several years of blimp-based research on the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale, Sara returned to Dalhousie to pursue a doctorate. Under the tutelage of Don Bowen, she analyzed a long-term data set on harbor seal mothers and pups, looking at the relative influences of maternal age, size, and experience on offspring traits at birth and weaning. Sara enjoys sharing her knowledge about marine life, having done so for four summers as Chief Naturalist on a whale watch boat, and more recently as Associate Professor at the University of Maine. She comes to The Lobster Conservancy with a broad background in marine science and a strong commitment to conservation and education.

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